11 Μαΐου 2014

From the bin to the gallery lefkonas ( serres ) 2014 ( Youth exchange -youthfully yours)

this May a youth exchange took place in serres .... we created art with things from the bin .... and above all we made new friends love them  live for 7 days with them..... keep them in our hearts just forever.
small things i wanted to tell you ......
dont forget me .....
''we didint realised that we create memories at that time  we just thought that we have fun ''

Greek team.
Afrodith :  είσαι σπάνιο πλάσμα σπάνιο!!!!!!! κοπελία  ελπίζω να αυτη η γνωριμια και η αγαπη που ανταλλαξαμε να κρατήσει χρόνια.......  δεν θα το αφήσουμε και το ξέρεις.
Sakis : Ρε είσαι το αλλό μίσο μου τελίκα.. γέλιο τρέλα πειραγματα ολα στις σωστες δόσεις και το πρωτο βράδυ του προγραμμάτος οταν ζαλίστικα απο την μπύρα με πήρες αγκαλία δεν θα το ξεχασω ποτε!!!!
Sofia : Ξεχωριστή ιδιαιτερη το ταξίδι μαζι σου ξεπέρασε αυτα που περίμενα   χαμογελάρα μου   ελπίζω να ήταν μονο η αρχή μας αυτή ...... στα πολλα μας ταξιδια λοιπον
Pelly  τι να πώ ρε μαναρί τι να πω????????  είσαι τρέλα είσαι  μοναδική   έδωσες αυτό το κάτι που θα ηταν μισό αν μια απο τις δυο μας έλειπε.... τι να πω ????????  μαναριιιιιι μαναρι μαναρι .

Greek team .... you are a big part of me.... now.....

Italian team!
Calogero :  you were the one i didnt like much when i first saw you , but now, let me say , i love you so much  and you always did that one thing i needed to smile after a big day of upcycling .....
Vins , my men ..... you proposed to me  we had so much fun  we laughed and play and hug eachother.... al quiaro di luna as always ..... always in my heart dont ever change pls.
Franchesko : you tall guy  naughty as well.... you have  a weird way when you drunk but i liked it
Barbara :   YOUR BIG SMILE oh my god..... i miss that ... and your lovely eyes
Chiara: what can i say  i WILL meet you again you are so beautyful and amazing person ...  and that surprised me .....  stay the same....... να κανεις εξασκηση στα ελληνικά σου σε παρακαλώ.

Spanish team .
Elena : my roomate  try to practice your english  i hope to see you in another youth exchange and  see your improvement
Kitos.:   haha what can i say for you , big guy ,  big hugs honest hugs lot of dirty talking and  you learned how to read the greek aphabet that was a bit of surprise  for me ... i am glad ..... i am  happy that i got the chance to meet you and drink kalimocho  with you ...  i wil come to spain again someday ......
Samu, amazing kind smiley guy  , even though you killed me no hard feelings love......   you was always the most kind face i could find in this project and that was so  relaxing sometimes.
Diana, hey big talker ..... haha you speak a lot  and i was feeling that i was not the only one there....   you go girl.
Fran , my love ,.... my friend  , tricky tricky e???   lots of fun   you enjoy tzatziki more than anyone i know.... you are the master of dirty talking in greek....... you helped me get along with the kids and  you are truly so deep in my heart that really miss you every moment here ...... you hug me every single time i  looked at you and  you loved me honestly  i wil be honored to be your friend in the future.......  you are an amazing  person  you and your big heart !!!!!!!!!

Romanian team
Paula , sisteeeeer  amazing voice so much energy and passion in you .... you will be always my sister and i will care about you .......
PAul : funny and not serious guy ..... haha passion for meanstream music ..... mamachita mamachita buena ......  i had fun with u ... u smell so amazing and u have maybe the most warm hug in this project ...... and u always make me laugh a lot .... what's there to say ..... u areeee so special for me.... and i miss u so much!!!!!
Stefania : i didnt get the chance to know you that much but you are veryyyyy strong person i admired that
Maria : sooooooooo  quiet and calm girl ...... the exact opposite of me......   u have a relaxing  smile .... :D
Teo :   my sensual dance partner .....  you  talk so high about my dance skills that makes me feel so comfident .....    lovely person ......  you deserve a big kiss u know .

LAtvian Team
Paula :  really girl  can you be more beautiful????? really ???????????   my smoker friend   more serious than me .... but i guees thats a good thing :D
Laura :   girl you were the pink cat of this project ..... :D cute and craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy
Andra :  i wanted to get to know you better , soooo in love girl soooo in love
Leila : you gave me so much love  so much love that i really dont know if i have taken so much from anyone in my life.... you holded my hands  sooooo tight .... that i felt your heart rythm .....    i will never ever forget you ...... you deserve the world girl
Yakov : do you want some beer? maybe????? hahahhahahhahaha you  blonde guy!!!!!!  soooooo latvian ... i miss youuuu

Last but not least : all of you that make all that  true.....
Agatha :  Τι πω για σενα???? εισαι το ουρανιο τοξο μου .... μου εδωσες   το κινητρο που ηθελα να δω ..... και  εισαι παντα σε ενα μεγαλο ξεχωριστο κομματι μεσα μου
 Apostoli : Εισαι ο πιο ηρεμος ανθρωπος του κοσμου κανεις τα παντα να φαινονται απλα να γινουν .... εισαι απλα  παραδειγμα στην τρελα που  υπάρχει .
Eleni :  τρελα μου χαμογελο μου ελπιζω να παμε και καπου μαζι μια μερα .....
OSo :  ohhhhhhhhhh god...... goooooooooooood morningggggggggg i wanted to kill you ... but you the best .....
Sotiri:   το αγορι με τις μαρμελαδες   η  ησυχη υποστηριξη του προγραμματος ... ελπιζω να μην χαθουμε... θελω να μου ξανα τραγουδήσεις καρρα..... μου έλειψε ( ς) :D


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